My first step to the world of adoption on Children’s Day, 2K17

My first step to the world of adoption on Children’s Day, 2K17

Hey everyone. I am posting this news very late and I am sorry.

🙂 I am very grateful to be stepping forward to the world of adopting the ones who needs shelter. I swear if I had money then I would have adopted at least eight to give them love, care and shelter.

Thank you “Mission Possible Pet Adoption, Pune” to make this possible. Thank you Mrs. Padmini Stump. You are doing a great thing for these homeless animals. My best wishes are with you.


It was very hard to go through background verification process (Place I stay, Occupation, Salary, Single/family, A written certificate from the owner etc. ) showing that am I capable for an adoption or not. It was a strict process. Its completely your luck which puppy or dog you get according to its availability. After passing the verification I came to know about Simba and I accepted it. Though I am bachelorette it was hard to convince but Thank God I passed all the tests. The next day they did my apartment checking whether the puppy will fit on the environment or not. But finally on 14th Nov, 2K17 they delivered him to me at my doorstep. Ma’am came to along with Simba.


This is Simba. A Lhasa Apso puppy.  We don’t know who was his owner previously as well as the center. But now I am there for him. Doctor said he is 1year-7months old nearly. He is fit and healthy. It soots’ me seeing his happy and smiling  face all the time. It feels relieved that maybe I have atleast done something right to make him smile.


If anyone wants to go for an adoption then you can visit to this center.  For any information you can mail me or comment in the section below.

Thank you

Panchali Dass



  1. Ravi S says:

    Hey wow. I just loved the noble cause. Simba looks lovely and all smiles. They r the best friend that humanity could bless

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    1. yup.. thank you Sir.. 😊


  2. T@ROON says:

    Informative.. I should try it. 😊

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    1. plz do.. thank yoy ☺️


  3. Lulu_chan★ says:

    Ahhhh! I’m oficialy in luv with your doggo

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  4. da-AL says:

    very sweet 🙂

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  5. annmaria says:

    Welcome simba
    Happy to see your dog

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