Seven Days, Seven black and white photo challenge. Day:1

“All about last night”

So here I am in my day 1 challenge of Seven Days Seven B&W Photos given  by AnanyaExpress🌹

ananyaexpress ,Instinctive writing

 Thanks a lot Ananya Dii for believing in me for the challenge.

As per the rules challenge is to post seven black and white photos, no people, no explaination, of everyday life for seven consecutive days.

Life is a journey.  For me life is full of unexpectations and surprises.  Expectations hurt.  There will be no regert in life of you have no expectations. Travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move on.

So as I  have to challenge one new blogger as per the rule(The Rules are : posting of black and white photos of your life, with no people in it, no explanation and further challenge someone new each day.) So today I choose☺️ Gouri (Gaurav Anand)

I request him to take it forward into his blog pages, if it interests.

Thank You

Panchali Dass❤️



    1. thx dear.. straight from Goa Baga..


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