My mesmerizing journey to Tiger Point: Lonavala, India

Hello fellas.. I am back again..

I visited this amazing place four days back and I cant wait to share my journey with you all.  I never thought that waking up that morning I will end my day visiting this place named : Lonavala..


I was sitting idle that day with no work to do. I just finished sketching one of my sketches for a Dear one to gift which I will be uploading next week after taking permission from my Dear.

I got a phone call at around 2 o’ clock afternoon to get ready to go to Lonavala. Lonavala is known for viewing sunset and its beautiful nature. Different seasons make this place  vibrantly beautiful. Best time however to visit this place is monsoon, as you can see waterfalls everywhere on your journey from Pune highway to Lonavala. I mean waterfall on both sides. That is a different feel altogether. I will upload the monsoon pictures on my very next visit.

So I get ready immediately within minutes and reached the spot as I was told, so that they  could pick me up. Its a 3 hour journey from the place I am staying in Pune for some days. The pictures were shot by the team PhotoScapia and some were shots taken from my cellphone. I am not a good photographer. :p

Picture Credits: PhotoScapia Team ⇒ Follow them on  WordPressPinterest, Instagram and Facebook as: photoscapia (images may be subject to ©opyright.)

“That evening I realized how much I miss these scenic cuties and breath taking views during my stay in the busy and polluted cities.”


I reached there at around 5 o’ clock. I decided to stop by “Tiger point” to take a view. The view was mesmerizing. There are many points to view the “Sunset” but I chose this one because I have many memories with this place  and I like it! I couldn’t stop taking selfies at first. That evening I realized how much I miss these natural beauties and breath taking views during my stay in the busy and polluted cities. I can notice the sky changing into pink, orange and purple sunset.

People come to Lonavala to witness the “Sunset”. I must say to you all that if you ever visit this place never ever miss the stalls with their famous cheese and corn pakoras with a cup of black pepper milk Chai. Its the best out here. You will never regret it. The price is a little bit high out here but its worth it. You can also see some monkeys around playing and loitering around.



When the sky turned dark I decided to turn my way back home. On your way back home you will find a hundreds of shops of Maganlal’s Famous Chikki. People here say that you should never leave Lonavala town without tasting their chikki.


Let me brief a few lines about the success behind Maganlal’s Chikki. Maganlal Seth , the famous person, during his childhood days, used to sell his homemade chikki on his bi-cycle selling on the streets of Lonavala. People liked his chikki which now made him one of the richest person in Maharashtra with a chain of Maganlal Chikki stalls all around. There are  around 50 different types of chikkis. Some are : almond, jam, jelly, chocolate, mango, apple etc.

I reached home at around 8 that night. My day went well. Never thought my day will end in such a beautiful way.

Tell me what is your favorite time-pass snacks in the comment section below. Mine is “A Plate of Hot Pakoras”. Any pakoras. 😀

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Thank you.

Signing offPanchali Dass




  1. Loved this journey of yours.

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  2. photoscapia says:

    our collab worked well.. thanks for writing this beautiful blog.. totally worth it

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    1. yup.. it worked very well.. 😁


  3. Ravi Sidula says:

    Looks like my earlier comment didnt go thru. Wonderful n informative post. Never heard of pepper chai that too with milk…. i too need to cover the mahashtra belt soon. Heard its amazing….

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    1. 😊 yup its amazing.. please visit lonavala and lavasa…


  4. I truly love how you capture the essence and beauty of the places you visit, in my heart when I see the pictures you post I feel this deep sense of unexplainable connection. I sincerely and deeply thank you again for living in your being and sharing your experiences.

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    1. 😊 mah pleaSure..


  5. Mayur says:

    Welcome back,
    Nice post, Methi ke pakode is my favourite.
    I use Murmura as a time pass dish.

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  6. Bibhor says:

    You write so well with some really awesome pics😀

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  7. Bibhor says:

    Those are DSLR shots or phone?

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    1. pakoras and shop one are mobile shots… others I did a collab with PhotoScapia team.. you can follow PhotoScapia team in wordpress for some awsum pics..

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  8. Bibhor says:

    Okay. I must say that your pics really give a strong message. 😊

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    1. thank you so much for your kind words…

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  9. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing your story.

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