My A-One Cutting Chai Story…


My A-One Cutting Chai Story…

Hello fellas.. its been a while I have been away. Busy schedule and work load makes me sad for not being able to write on this platform. Anyway, today I am gonna share my experiences that I have gone through with “A-One Cutting Chai “.


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Though I was born and  raised in Guwahati, I love green tea but in a regular basis if someone offers me an option between two, green tea or A-One Cutting Chai , I will always go for  an “A-One Cutting Chai”.  I must say you will get this Chai only in India and nowhere else in the world. I cant explain the happiness and joy of having it.. There goes my story….

When I go for a ride or journey early morning, I always go for a kadak Cutting Chai from a nearby stall to break my sleep. I love to sleep a lot so a cup of masala tea does the best to me. It boosts me up and give me energy to work all day. There are different types Chai I must say.. : they are plain milk chai, Masala chai, Ginger chai, Black Pepper chai. My favorite one is Masala Chai. When I am sick I used to have Masala chai which soots me well. Hostel days were the best where you go out with your friends at night at around 2 o’ clock and grab a cup of hot masala chai on the nearest street stall. These are the best memories that you can have.

“Cutting Chai is made of milk and tea blended with sugar. The magic is by adding the required amount of spices in it.”


During my days of travelling, I never miss to click a picture of my Chai. Pakoras are my favorite snack to have with my Chai. yumm.. I am hungry by just thinking about it now.. :p

Chai is mostly  served::

1. in a glass,

2. served in a small steel katora with a steel glass so that we can pour the Chai on the katora and have it known as Katora chai and

3.served in earthen cups known as Kullad Chai.

4. served in a plastic glass. (I hate the most.)

I love to have my Chai in a glass. Tell me which is your favorite way of having your Chai on the comment section below. Also mention the type of Chai that you like the most on the comment section below.


I miss Chai stalls on the streets who used to pour and play with the Chai with two glases on both of their hands. Their act seems to be easy but its not. I tried at home once doing it. Did you? But I failed. My Chai was all over the place. Its very hard to find those types of tea stalls now a days. And if yes then I am not so lucky as you but I really miss it. Now a days they normally they make their tea on a steel or copper vessel and serves Chai. Kolkata Chai was the best till now. I had it a try outside the Howrah Railway station where they serve it on a earthen cups.

Its funny that I am writing  this blog having a cup of Cutting Chai..

Tell me your Chai story if you have any..

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Thank you.

Signing offPanchali Dass



  1. Lost soul says:

    Aha!! Chai 😍😍😍

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  2. Todd says:

    For waking, I’m very much a coffee person. I have to have my two cups before I can get on my way and somehow chai of any kind just doesn’t do it for me. But after that I am a huge fan of masala chai. I also don’t like to have it in plastic cups – glass for me all the time. But for me what also matters is what it’s served with. Give me chai with warm gulab jamun or gajar halwa with it and I am in heaven. The chai balances out the sweet of the mithai beautifully and they make each other more enjoyable.

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    1. i love halwa.. ☺️

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    2. thank you for sharing your thoughts.. have a good ni8 Sir☺️

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  3. aquibview says:

    Chai esp kullad Chai with that burnt smell, awesome, it’s an art, not everybody have that magic, to create that burnt smell. ☺️☺️.

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    1. yup you are ryt.. ☺️ thx for sharing your thoughts..


  4. This cut chai you mentioned, I would say now have become a necessity of my life. It’s not just only a cup of tea.. it’s a bundle of joy.. so.many memories associated with this cut chai.. I still haven’t forgotten any of those faces those who used to serve me tea when I was in bhagalpur, patna, ranchi, delhi, and gurgaon.. they are now a part of my nostalgia

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    1. thankxx for sharing your thoughts.. 😊 yup a part of my nostalgia too…

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  5. We have two chai in a day and coffee in between!

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  6. Ravi Sidula says:

    Nice post on ‘tea’. I love ginger brewed tea home made, so soothing. Yes i too love having masala chai outside and live it when served in glass as it feels very Indian. Tried Irani chai? I did twice in hyd and its also good.

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    1. No never tried Irani chai.. will try this weekend.. 😊
      thank you for writing your thoughts…

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  7. Great posts by a lovely soul!!

    Keep on writing such wonderful posts!!!


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    1. thank you for your kind words…

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  8. I must admit that I’ve never tasted chai -but that’s not because I’m a conservative…. cappuccino cappuccino….no no- and I’ve been travelling quite a bit in my life. It just never happened. Your recipe has definitively moved ‘must try chai’ on the to-do list! Ciao!

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    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts..
      do tell me when you taste.. 😊

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  9. photoscapia says:

    for me waking up in the morning and having a cup of Irani chai with a nice Bun Maska by the side is a different experience altogether.. it actually gives me a kick for the rest of the day.. i had my first Irani chai in Pune when i was pursuing my graduation.. my classes started at 7:30 am and nothing could wake me up more than that delicious cup of Irani Chai

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    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts..

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      1. I sometimes tried taking one glass of tea in one hand and other empty glass in other. I raise the right hand till my mouth height and the left intact at waist level and than pour it the right hand glass tea into empty left hand glass which will still be at waist level. I do get successful. I enjoy the “garam dhuaa” which comes out while tea is in the air while I pour. It almost crushes my face. Wowwww! That feeling warms the heart. You should try it too even if you fail. Or do a back calculation and try. Raise the right hand glass full of tea from the tip of left hand emty glass and then slowly take right hand upwards, so that you get a fair idea of the position your left glass is in and then pour it. You will succeed. If you try and succeed in what I said, do let me know 🙂


  10. Omg. Omg. Omg.

    Similarities. Similarities. Similarities.

    First of all, I am a big big tea lover. My mornings are never complete with tea.

    And yessss, I also stay in hostel. It has been 6 years now staying in hostels. So, I do visit a general store near my hostel and have a cup of tea few hours after my dinner. He serves in a glass made up of glass. I hope you got that.

    Tea and Pakoras are love especially in rains and cold nights 😍 💜 I mentioned about that combination in my blog “A dayout at InfiniTea”. You liked that blog as well. And I am sure you remember everything you read in that blog, as you yourselves are a tea lover.

    When I am at home, I always drink in katori (no glasses or cups or mugs). Just one half circled katori.

    When I visit small tea stores (which I do very often), I love being served in a small steel katora with a steel glass so that we can pour the Chai on the katora and have it. I did not knew it was called Katora Chai. Thanks for that information 😊

    And about flavours of tea, I can have any flavour of tea wihich has milk in it. Masala, Adrak, elachi, laung, pudina and just anything. I have hard time in dinking black tea. Green teas I can still somehow manage.

    And coming to Cutting Chai. We people say, Cutting Chai means “Cut one tea into two”. You can say 1 by 2 chai. Cutting Chai 😊

    We also get K Tea in our place, maybe you get in many places but I never heard of it in other places. I tried to know why they call it K Tea. But, no one knew. It just signifies some special tea. We go to small dhaba and say “1 K Tea”. Something so simple hahaha 😊

    And hey, your knowledge about tea is just too good. Maybe the way you explained it was even moreeeees beteerrrrr. I just loved reading every single word. While I was reading, I was already imagining the things you were saying and getting those feeling. That 2 am chai experiences also I had quite a few times 😊😊

    Keep blogging, I am eagerly waiting to read your explanations and narrations 😊😊

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    1. thxx.. for sharing your views and thoughts.. ☺️

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  11. Chai is the other name for tea. Nice post.

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  12. Mmmmm sounds and looks yummy.
    I’m from Serbia and we also call tea ‘chai’ (with a different spelling though). Amazing.

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    1. ☺️let me know if you have any tea story of urs.. 😊

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      1. For the time being, no stories. I just enjoy drinking it.

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  13. da-AL says:

    love chai! best in glass 🙂

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