You Little Dimsum, I Like You :)

You Little Dimsum, I Like You 🙂

Hello everyone.  Hope you all are doing well. Today I am very excited to share my views about this tiny little delicacy named Dimsum also known as momos or dumplings.

Lawyer and BJP legislator of Jammu and Ramesh Arora’s complain to ban momos in India. For the past months, Ramesh Arora has been campaigning to ban this popular delicacy. This news broke out on June 8th, 2K17 and the whole country to know about it.

Its been months now. Are people accepting its ban in India? I am not. Despite of knowing everything. I cannot ignore a plate of hot steamed momos. Can you? Please share your opinions below the comment box.

“In my opinion, its the ingredient that should be banned, and not the dish. Despite knowing that ajinomoto can be a health hazard, most chefs in various restaurants still use it.”- Chef Amit Kunar, Bella Cucina

Dimsum also known as Momo or Dumpling


Place of Origin: Tibet

Native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim state and Darjeeling district of India.

The main Ingredients are White flour, minced meat (beef, chicken, pork or mutton)or vegetables and cheese filling.

Cons of having Dimsum:

  • Dough is made of chemicals namely Benzoyal Peroxide and Azodicarbonamide which makes the dough more soft and fluffy which can affect in pancreas and cause diabetes.
  • The fillings are made of under-cooked veggies which contains E-Coli bacteria which can cause several infections.


  • Dimsum contains ajinomoto, a taste-maker used as salt, which in-turn makes addictive of having more momos.

Ajinomoto is more dangerous than alcohol and drugs. Ajinomoto also know as Monosodium Glutamate, was declared unsafe by WHO in 2014. There are 26 countries that use Ajinomoto but out of those countries, only 8 countries have banned it.

A brief history…   

b0b2e1b16e4437a726c050734d9a7a8c (1) Increased migration to and from Kathmandu results the spread of their culture of dimsum (momo or dumpling) accross Nepali cities. In ancient times dimsum might have been introduced by Newar merchants doing trade in Tibet. Till mid 2000’s dimsum was only limited among Nepali and Tibetan crowd. However by 2006, this delicacy has spread among Indian mega cities through Nepali migrates.

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Thank you.

Signing offPanchali Dass



  1. aquibview says:

    Yep agreed the ingredient should be banned that’s harmful , I like momos too. This post of yours is very informative. ☺️thanks for sharing.

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  2. Srijan says:

    Well there’s much more to talk about other than mom’s for all the politicians out there but nvm.

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  3. I ate them a lot while I was in delhi. On of my friend she is from Punjab.. gosh her addiction to dimsums was forcefully, forced on me as.well.

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    1. hehe… but its yummy… 😊

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      1. Yes indeed they are tasty😋

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  4. markmkane says:

    I love dimsum. I liked this post, you should be a food writer cause after reading this, I wanted to go out and get some.

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    1. 😝.. m hungry too now… thank you for your kind words…


  5. I looove dimsum, this post just made me really hungry to be honest. So glad I stumbled across your blog x
    Abby –

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    1. thank you so much.. 😊


  6. Hey !!! Feeling like I am eating this right now….

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  7. jyo says:

    Love dimsums….but once in a while… it’s ok…but if addicted… it’s dangerous !!

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  8. I ate them for the first time when I visited Kolkata. My friend Ruby Sarkar introduced me to them. I liked them. Yeah, I still do. Thanks for the very informative write up.

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    1. welcome.. 😊 glad you gave it a try!


  9. Lulu_chan★ says:

    Oh, yummy! Imma hungryyy😩

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  10. Agreed , steamed momos in chilling winters is such a relish n cherish thing. Maybe its banned but its available easily in local markets. But agree with it,usage of ajinomotto should be avoided.

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    1. yup.. substitute will work.. but banning, dats not fair!


  11. I made a Chinese soup the other day with such dumplings which I absolutely adore. I found them in a regular German supermarket though they can often be found in Chinese/Vietnamese as well as Russian grocery stores here.
    The filling is always made of meat-pork, lamb etc.

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  12. Diana says:

    Very educational! We have a large Chinese (Hong Kong) community in Canada and regularly go for weekend Dim Sum which is a blanket term for many different snacks (including the dumplings you show), rice rolls, salt and pepper squid,radish cakes, spare ribs. A delicious list and MSG free when served hot and fresh. Wonderful!

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    1. lucky you… ☺️ thx for sharing.. will meet you when I go to Canada.. sure!

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      1. Diana says:

        Sounds lovely! And shall I order you some soy glazed chicken feet? Very messy to eat 😉

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      2. would love that with you.. 😊😇

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